Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS)

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Through our member operators, Bridge Alliance provides a regional Communications Platform-As-A-Service (CPaaS) solution, to enterprises seeking to accelerate their digital transformation and modernise their communication architecture for enhanced customer engagement. 

CPaaS is a full cloud-based communications platform that enables enterprises to gain better control over workflows and productivity, while delivering delightful customer experiences powered by real-time communications. 




Many organisations have been forced to rethink how they engage with customers, to meet rapidly shifting consumer demands. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought its fair share of changes to the workplace, creating a new era of remote working and social distancing that has impacted how enterprises interact with their employees and customers. 

 With these recent developments, enterprises struggle with reaching their business goals in the areas of productivity, collaboration and customer experience. How can they scale business operations without overloading their IT teams, while maintaining an acceptable cost model? 


Enterprises can accelerate their digital transformation by enabling both their IT and business teams with Bridge Alliance’s CPaaS that offers a full cloud-based, low-code or no-code platform with the dexterity to integrate APIs and connectors, enabling delivery of exceptional customer experience that is quick to implement. 

Elements of a Successful M2M Business

Secure network with device certification processes

Communications rich offering with value-added services

Solution based business model

Credible partnerships

Dedicated M2M Team & Infrastructure

M2M/IOT Capabilities

One Stop Shop (OSS) Capabilities

Project Management & Rollout

Multi-Domestic M2M/IOT Service

Device Verification

Service Management

Our Services

With CPaaS, enterprises can deliver an impactful customer experience while achieving the following benefits: 

  • Manage or scale resources easily

    IT teams no longer need to rush through development cycles. Instead, they can save time by using selected low-code tools on CPaaS. Business units such as sales and marketing teams can also take more ownership of their IT requests and automate their own operational workflows using our CPaaS dashboard. 

  • Reduce operating costs

    With a cloud-based system like CPaaS, enterprises need not worry about expensive hardware that needs to be replaced and can scale resources quickly to keep pace with business growth. 

  • Increase operational efficiency

    Enterprises can deliver great customer experiences seamlessly by managing all customer engagement and conversation channels on one platform, across one dashboard. CPaaS also enables them to add features like SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to business and service applications. These address time-consuming phone calls and automate processes like appointment reminders, delivery confirmations and payment reminders, among others. 


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