Global Partnership

Bridge Alliance is a leading mobile alliance of 34 premier operators, serving over 800 million customers.

Be Part of the Alliance

As a group, Bridge Alliance member operators connect consumers and enterprises worldwide with high-quality networks and on a common platform to enable unrivalled simplicity, efficiency and performance. Collaboration within the alliance members, which are all premier operators in their countries, produces a unique cutting edge that helps deliver a mobile experience that stands out in the market.

Our Members and Partners

Middle East and Africa

Europe and Americas

Unparalleled Benefits

Bridge Alliance members have pooled resources together to deliver unparalleled benefits and market-leading solutions for customers, as they work and travel across the world. This is only possible with the close collaboration that exists in the group.

Regional M2M/IoT Capability

Bridge Alliance offers enterprises the ability to centralise the management of a M2M or IoT rollout across multiple geographies, ensuring a smoother, more efficient deployment across various mobile networks. For member operators, Bridge Alliance brings the scale and reach that multinational customers increasingly seek, enabling them to deliver more holistic solutions.

One-Stop Shop Enterprise Capability

By simplifying the procurement, deployment and monitoring of mobile services, we enable enterprises to operate across multiple countries seamlessly and efficiently. Through managed mobility services, we are a one-stop shop for multinational customers seeking enhanced mobility options and improved management of such services.

Enabling Seamless Roaming and Innovative Solutions

Our extensive network enables members to offer high-quality and seamless roaming experiences to customers, no matter where they are. Always forward-looking, Bridge Alliance helps members secure new revenue streams by constantly seeking new opportunities and crafting innovative solutions. Our solutions deliver cost savings and open new markets to members.

Get In Touch

Whether you are a telecom operator seeking to expand your coverage through Bridge Alliance or a multinational enterprise procuring mobility or M2M/IoT solutions, we want to speak with you. Our experts are on hand to advise on increasing reach in the region and more optimised deployment across countries.